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Are you looking to raise capital and list your business on the Stock Exchange (i.e. BSE and/or NSE)?

There are many benefits of public listing, such as:

  1. Access to wider capital market

  2. Improved perception of stakeholders (both internal and external) towards business

  3. Highly improved growth prospects

Why Us

  1. Our team has been part of listing around 30 SMEs on the stock exchanges

  2. We, therefore, bring unmatched understanding of public market capital

  3. We also have the capacity to help you through the preparatory phase for fundraise in public markets

Our Approach

Getting listed requires significant preparation by businesses - and is often too challenging for business owners to handle on their own without professional support. We help businesses to:

  1. Prepare extensively for listing

  2. Coordinate on the listing process with stock exchanges and investment bankers

  3. Prepare research reports on businesses, and

  4. Connect businesses to a large set of investors - both individual and institutional.

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