Frequently Asked Questions

We are a trusted platform for origination and execution of multiple business solutions for corporates in an end-to-end manner. We leverage technology and expertise to connect corporates (solution seekers) to curated individuals or firms who can deliver one or more business solutions (solution providers). This way, we help corporates on both their capital and non-capital requirements, such as fund raise, business growth, mergers, Joint Ventures and acquisitions, legal & compliance, marketing and branding, training, and much more, while enabling solution providers to serve more customers in their area of competence. We are an execution-oriented supermarket – we connect corporates with the most appropriate and trusted solution providers and save them from the pain of physical search, price bargains, lack of transparency and poor quality of solutions. Here’s how we work in a nutshell:

  • The platform is accessible to all with a simple registration and onboarding process.

  • The requirements of corporates can be posted to the system from anywhere, anytime, post which a detailed telephonic discussion is carried out by our team to understand your requirements better and then match it with the right solution provider.

  • All interactions with our experts are documented in the chat box linked to each transaction.

  • The platform owns the responsibility of satisfactory delivery of solution to corporates.

For corporates and their trusted advisors, accessing multiple solution providers is challenging, time-consuming & uneconomical. Further, getting the right solution provider with competence, credibility & fair pricing of solution is a critical issue. The key value proposition of SME Value Advisors is that the platform tackles all these problems in a unified manner by bringing trust, partnership and certainty to the solution delivery. Once you submit your requirement online on the platform, it becomes our job to find you the solution. We save your time and energy in finding relevant solution providers in a curated manner. Further, you don’t need to run around to find and negotiate with different solution providers for your multiple needs. Curation of each originated transaction is the key feature of the platform. Each transaction is curated extensively and matched with our relevant and curated solution providers to ensure seamless delivery. Similarly, for solution providers, we bring more business through highly curated transactions, ensure timely payment and help in augmenting their customer reach. We measure our value creation on two parameters – positive impact on corporates and impact on solution providers.

You may sign-up on the platform with minimal information – your name, mobile number, email and location. Then, you can Login into the system using your mobile number as ID and OTP received on your registered mobile number as password.

All the people registered on the platform are known as ‘Members’. Members register on the platform as solution seekers or solution providers. Solution seekers raise their requirements on their own or through their trusted advisors/consultants. Solution providers, while primarily providing solutions to customers on the platform, also raise requirements of their customers on the platform.

Various solution providers like Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CSs), consultants/advisors, Bankers, Lawyers have a local presence and serve their customers with a few specific solutions. Firstly, we help solution providers get more clients in their area of competence. Secondly, we become their extended arm and get a larger basket of solutions for many more requirements of their customers, right at their doorstep. Thirdly, we also aspire to bring their execution competence to large corporates & government organizations. In the process, we add value to them through:

  • Revenue-sharing on each transaction in a transparent manner.

  • Elimination of non-payment risk for solutions delivered.

  • Unique opportunity for solution providers to expand their solutions base, serve their customers better and multiply income while sitting at their office, simply by leveraging the platform’s technology, network and team of experts.

  • Your customers win, you win & we win.

Yes, you can. Indeed, you need not share the information of your employer. You can simply introduce new relationships to the platform who can either be potential seekers of solutions or quality solution providers in your circle. Your employment should not come on the way of value creation for your relationships.

All members on the platform can do following three things after Login :

  • If you are a solution provider, the first thing you should do after Login is to help us understand your competence set through filling the form at “Define your competence” tab. This is essential for platform to reach you out at the time of need of your solution.

  • You can initiate a transaction for yourself or for someone else by clicking “Initiate a new transaction’ tab.

  • You can bring-in other solution providers to the platform by clicking “Initiate a new partner”.

All members on the platform can initiate a transaction. Solution seekers can register and initiate a transaction themselves; their trusted advisors/consultants/CAs/CSs etc. can initiate a transaction on their behalf. Registered solution providers can initiate transactions on behalf of their customers.

After Login into the system, you can initiate any transaction for yourself or for someone else by clicking “Initiate a new transaction’ tab. All the records of your initiated transactions can be seen at your dashboard itself. There is a chatbox for each transaction on your dashboard, which can help you connect with our team anytime.
You can also initiate a transaction from the home page itself by clicking ‘Initiate Transaction’ at top bar or “Initiate Transaction/Quick Query” tab. If you are a registered member on the platform, system will map the initiated transaction to your dashboard.

You receive an SMS with the unique ID of initiated transaction. The transaction then appears on your dashboard as ‘Open Transaction’. Our team will reach you out within 48 hours of initiation of transaction to understand the requirement better. You can also chat with us through chatbox alongside the transaction. You can initiate as many transactions as you want. Once a transaction is completed, it will move to ‘Completed and Closed.’ If the transaction could not be completed for some reason, you will be notified early on and it will be moved to ‘Not Possible and closed’ bucket.

Therefore, to summarize, each of your transactions are categorized into ‘Open’ - i.e. ongoing transactions, ‘Completed and Closed’ - i.e. transactions which have been completed successfully, and ‘Not possible and Closed’ - i.e. transactions which could not be completed and have been closed.

Yes, we provide growth advisory/consulting solutions on retainership basis. These engagements are generally six months to twelve months engagements.

You may submit your requirement as a query from your dashboard - it will be posted as a new transaction with requirement as ‘Other’ along with a brief description. The same may also be done from the home page - by clicking ‘Initiate Transaction/Quick Query’ section.

If you originate a transaction, we would reach out to customer only through you. Indeed, we don’t have customer details with us until you share the same. We believe in ethical practice of ensuring the best interest of every member on the platform. When a transaction starts, you can decide as to what extent you would like to be involved in the transaction, post onboarding the customer.

Yes. You can close any initiated transaction simply by updating chatbox of the transaction stating the same. We shall confirm with you on phone and close the transaction. Post that, you would be intimated on same through email and sms.

Our mandate will define our refund policy clearly. We would like to state that while we do take advance / refundable deposits for all our transactions, most of our fees are linked to transaction success.

We are primarily a platform connecting both ends in a curated manner – i.e. solution seekers and solution providers. However, we get involved with the solution providers at each level of execution, since we take execution responsibility for any transaction initiated by customers or their trusted advisors on the platform. In addition, the private equity raising solution is warehoused internally, i.e. we have an internal team to drive private equity raising assignments.

As we are responsible towards our customers for delivery of solutions, we believe in choosing our solution providers after proper due diligence, competence check and their demonstrated track record of delivery. There is an extensive process in place before assigning any solution provider to a customer requirement.

Our platform and our team is responsible for smooth execution and delivery of each transaction.

Most of the times, we sign contracts with customers directly. Customers pay us and we pay our members, who initiated the transaction / introduced the customer, as well as the solution providers, who executed the transaction. In some cases, we sign contracts with the member who introduces the customer / initiates the transaction. In this case, we try to keyep the customer informed about the transaction’s progress and contractual details as much as possible.

No, since our platform is responsible for delivery of solution to customers, our team would decide on the solution provider from our curated set of solution providers categorized by area of competence, location etc.

As our focus is to deliver high quality solutions in a timely manner, we can’t claim to be the cheapest. However, we believe, we would be competitive in terms of pricing given that we are aggregators and our solution providers offer us special pricing based on our business volume and relationships with them. In addition, if you look at the value of your time and energy that we save, we would surely not be expensive - rather, we are the most reasonable option that offers optimum value-for-money.

In case of any query on your initiated transaction, you can write to us from chatbox on your dashboard. Alternatively, you can reach out to us anytime on +91 91677 56348.

No, we work globally in all regions. We can deliver solutions to customers outside India both in offline and online mode. Indeed, we have been serving customers in the U.S., Middle East etc.

Our platform is responsible for transaction delivery and client satisfaction is our primary focus. We would resolve the issue, if any, between customers and solution providers amicably. If there is a need to change the solution provider, we would do the needful.

Progress on each transaction will be posted on the linked chatbox. You can further take update from our execution team anytime by writing to or connecting us through phone on +91 91677 56348.

Yes. All information on the platform is ring-fenced and even our team members have limited access to information based on their needs. We are committed to data privacy for all our members.

Solution providers need significant curation at our end to ensure quality solutions to our customers. You can fill the details of your execution capabilities in the form available on your dashboard post the Login - “Define your competence”. Once you do the same, you get to our registry of relevant solutions as one of the solution providers. When there is a need of solution in your area of competence, our team will connect with you. At this time, we would be curating you and your entity from track record perspective before assigning the transaction to you. Alternatively, you may contact us on phone +91 91677 56348 or email to for initiation of your empanelment with us as a trusted solution provider.

Yes, you can. It is an interesting aspect. You can introduce your other professional colleagues to the platform right from your dashboard by clicking “Initiate a new partner” tab. However, we request you to kindly take their positive consent before you sign them up on the platform.

Alternatively, your introduced relationship can register himself/herself with your mobile number as reference on sign-up page.

In both cases, you will have the information of all your introduced relationships on your dashboard under “Partner Details” tab. Indeed, by introducing your professional colleagues to the platform, you would earn referral fees as well.

As a member,

  • You get paid for initiating a transaction for your introduced relationships - this will earn you origination fees.

  • You get paid for any transaction executed by you - this will earn you execution fees.

  • You get paid when members, introduced by you to the platform, get paid origination and/or execution fees - this will earn you referral fees.

  • As a customer, you can initiate a transaction by yourself or through your trusted advisors, and you will be liable to pay to the platform for execution of the transaction and usage of the platform services.

As every transaction is unique, pricing for each solution to customers is different. We discuss pricing with the customers through members who introduce the customer / initiate the transaction in a very transparent manner. Right at the stage of transaction initiation, we discuss with you what portion of fees we would be able to share with you as origination fees for introducing the customer / initiating the transaction. Payment to you is done on completion of the transaction and after receipt of money from the customer.

When we show you a potential transaction for execution in your area of competence, you quote your execution fees to us. Therefore, you decide your execution fees.

We ensure timely payment to all our solution providers irrespective of whether payment is received from the customer or not. Credit risk of the customer belongs to the platform. Usually, you will receive payment within 15 days of the completion of a transaction that you have taken up. In some cases, if the contract so specifies, there might be advance and milestone- linked payments during the transaction.

We pay referral fee every six months. Our team will reach out to you at the end of every half year with payout details and request you to raise invoice.

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