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Are you looking to raise equity or debt capital from Private Markets?

Equity investors in private market include Private Equity (PE) firms, Venture Capitalists (VCs), Angel investors and High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), while debt investors include Banks and NBFCs.

Why us

  1. Our team has facilitated many funding transactions across multiple sectors and diverse locations for businesses seeking growth capital from private investors. We, therefore, bring to the table years of experience, deep understanding of how things work, and strong professionalism.

  2. Our team includes long-time investors and bankers, and so, we are in a unique position to bring in the perspective of investors and bankers as well, and what they look for in businesses. Thus, we enable you to correctly identify how to position your business pitch to them.

Our Approach

Both debt and equity capital have certain advantages and disadvantages. Our approach addresses your fund-raise needs at the very roots and in the most comprehensive manner, before deciding on the best way forward to raise capital for your business, i.e.

  1. Identifying capital structure issues (existing and future)

  2. Comparing various sources of finance for a business and their long-term impact (ownership, liquidity, cost, exits etc.).

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