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Government of India has issued a notification dated Sep 10, 2018 advising all Public Ltd. unlisted companies to get their securities dematerialized. This notification has already come into existence starting Oct. 2, 2018. Important points of the said notification are:

  • All public limited companies to issue any fresh shares or carry out buyback only in demat form.

  • All existing securities of promoters, directors and key management need to be dematerialized compulsorily.

  • Any public shareholder also needs to get his/her securities dematerialized before transfer (no transfer of securities in Public Ltd. Company to happen in physical mode).

  • All types of securities to be dematerialized by Public Ltd. companies. There will be different International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) for each security.

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  1. We have set up a process to ensure that you get your shares demated sitting at your office.

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