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Are you looking to buy or sell a business? It is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires meticulous understanding of valuations, critical laws on the subject, processes involved, regulatory approvals, taxation aspects and several other important issues.

Why Buy a Business?

Inorganic growth in businesses can be best accomplished through acquisition of other businesses.

Why Sell a Business?

After a stage, promoters may not be interested in running their business or they may be interested in doing something else.

Why Us

  1. Having handled many such mergers and acquisition (M&A) cases, our team is well equipped to support your initiative.

  2. Large network of our relationships helps us to facilitate synergy between such opportunities quickly

Our Approach

  1. Both buying and selling a business require a competent entity to find a suitable match matching the strategic objectives, carry out negotiations and deal structuring, and facilitate end to end closure of transaction. This is where we come in.

  2. We work with businesses to first understand their motives for any such transactions, undertake business valuation and pitch book preparation, find suitable match and then execute the transactions end to end.

  3. We also work with them on integration of acquired businesses, in cases of acquisitions.

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